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Not self-service

This newest version of the CoolPiece website is not an eCommerce shopping cart site.

Each and every order will be arranged through personal email with you.

Custom: Available options change so we have to discuss all the specs before you pay. email

Stock: We want to make sure we have a selected type, in the color and gray you want, in stock, and ready to ship, before you pay for it. Ask us if we have yours: email

Repairs: While some repairs are technically possible, post pandemic repairs are a very slow and expensive process and limited to hair additions only. Labor and hair costs are so close to the cost of a new unit that we are not reintroducing it until we have more people in the new factory and can possibly see a lower cost.

There are many reasons to choose CoolPiece first:

  • Best materials and ethically sourced hair
  • Good wages and worker benefits
  • No prisoner labor
  • No religious hair tonsuring
  • In-house production
  • Small profit margin