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All colors and grays in production. They should all be availible in June.

If you would like to help others, please consider sharing a PICTURE or two of yourself looking great in your CoolPiece hairpiece. If you are shy, or have privacy concerns, just wear your surgical or cloth mask! Photos

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We keep your plastic tape templates for around five years after their last use, then due to storage limitations, we have to discard them. Plaster molds are usually single-use and many never even make it to China intact, so use the tape method.

State of the Hairpiece industry.

The hairpiece industry used to be enormous, and now it is not. What happened? Two main things. Firstly, younger men with hair loss are turning away from wearing hair and just shaving, or seeking other paths such as Scalp Micro Pigmentation and transplant surgery. Secondly, during the lockdowns and working-from-home period brought about by the recent pandemic, a lot of wearers had a long hard think about whether it was all worth it, and many just stopped.

This is not just CoolPiece, it is industry-wide. Total manufacturing volume in China has shrunk by about 50%, but worldwide demand has fallen by as much as 60%. No-one expected it, but a microscopic virus can have huge effects on society.

Add to this, the pricing outlook for human hair, especially in longer lengths, is not encouraging, and over time it might become higher to an alarming degree.

CoolPiece is not going to close down, despite higher costs causing profit margins to be too low for any normal sustainable business. We are committed to serving you.

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