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Familiar names for laces and plastics have changed to reflect the uniqueness of the CoolPiece production processes. If you are looking for something you used to call “x” just ask for it’s new name.

How to buy:

This newest and simplest version of the CoolPiece website is no longer an eCommerce shopping cart site. This helps us prevent getting an order for something that is currently unavailable.

Each and every order will be arranged through personal email with you.


Long ago we closed down our tapes and glues storefront. We recommend you try AliExpress for very low prices on most products. We also have a friend selling the white glue on eBay. You should be able to find it there.

Ready-Made Stock Hairpieces

All colors and grays in production. They should all be available by the end of July. A fifth variety is now offered. See the Stock page for details.


If you would like to help others, please consider sharing a PICTURE or two of yourself looking great in your CoolPiece hairpiece. If you are shy, or have privacy concerns, just wear your surgical mask! Photos


Currently unavailable.


We keep your plastic tape templates for around three years after their last use, then due to storage limitations, we have to discard them. Plaster molds are usually single-use and many never even make it to China intact, so use the tape method.

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