Guarantee and Returns

Satisfaction is guaranteed. Any issues will be fixed. or if you prefer, you can return a new unit for a refund.


If a custom order is made exactly per your specifications, but you have decided in the interim that your preferences have changed, this does not qualify you for a free replacement. We may be able to make changes in the form of a repair order, if they are technically possible.


Obviously we are not handing cash to each other, so in the case of a refund, both the buyer and seller can expect to lose considerable amounts in fees and charges, and a full refund will likely end up being less than you originally spent via credit card or PayPal. This is the cost of banking for both seller and buyer. International sales suffer the most from these lost costs.


Money paid for and spent on shipping is used and gone. If shipping has occured this money cannot come back.

Ready-Made hairpieces may be returned for a refund of the full purchase price, with the following restrictions:

  • The stock unit must not have been cut, trimmed to size, dyed, bleached or altered in any way.
  • The stock unit must be in as-new condition, ready to serve the needs of another client.
  • The stock unit must not have any trace of tobacco odor.
  • If you smoke when you check it out and package it up for return, we will not consider the unit to be as-new and we will decline to refund. Please understand that non-smokers cannot tolerate smoke odor that you as a smoker may be unable to detect yourself.

Custom CoolPiece orders:

  • A custom hairpiece or wig requires hundreds of hours of labor and the profit margin between cost and selling price is very small. This is why a client pays for their order before manufacturing begins.
  • A custom order may encounter production issues and take longer than predicted. This is not a reason for cancellation or refund. Ordering custom is a commitment to wait until it is finished.
  • We encourage clients who request custom work to stay with their intentions and not change their minds leaving us with a very expensive item that is only suitable for that one person. The client and the seller work and wait together in good faith. If you order custom, be 100% prepared to wait until it is finished, and then receive your unique unit made only for your individual needs, in good faith.
  • Upon receipt, if a client were to be disappointed in any aspect of the item that was made for them, Custom-Made hairpieces may be returned in new, unworn, un-styled, uncut, condition for a refund of the full purchase price (ex-shipping), less banking/credit card fees incurred by the seller. This is our full guarantee and we will take the loss in such an event.