100% CUSTOM ordering, featuring the best possible quality workmanship, materials and human hair.

How to order:

Custom Pricing:

$350 USD small

Small: up to 500 square centimeters or up to 77 square inches, and with hair not longer than 15 cm or 6 inches,  $350 USD*

$575 USD large

Large: Larger Hairpiece or full wig with up to 15 cm or 6″ long hair $575 USD*

*Factors that will increase the price of any order:

Surcharges for human hair longer than 6 inches or 15 cm * (in USD):

Long Hair LengthSmall Units up to 500 square cm or 77 square inchesLarger Units
6″ / 15 cmincludedincluded
8″ / 20 cm+$50+$100
10″ / 25 cm+$100+$200
12″ / 30 cm+$150+$300
14″ / 36 cm+$200+$400
16″ / 41 cm+$250+$500

* in addition to the price of the small or large unit with up to 15 cm hair.

See our information page for more details about the latest base materials.


We got rid of the online order form, so gather your specs so we can get the conversation about your order started. We need:

Before placing a custom order, please read and understand the Return Policy and the Money Back Guarantee, viewable from the link at the top.