In case you think all stores are the same, see what the customers say.

September 6th 2023 R.A.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself but I just can’t contain my excitement.

I received the new unit a couple of weeks ago but didn’t give it the initial cut until today. All I can say is… WOW!!! The quality of the hair along with the sizing, density, wave, gray, etc. are off the charts. Absolutely beyond my highest expectations. So glad I upped the gray percentages and went back to freestyle.

I could go on and on… it just looks amazing and I can’t thank you enough for still being there and offering such quality workmanship. I’ve said it before many times but I just don’t know what I’d do with you and CoolPiece.

Very grateful here… all the best,

August 5th 2023 C.D.

Hi Jeffrey,

I received my new hair piece last week. Today I was able to see my hairdresser so she could cut some layers into it.

I want to thank you sincerely for this wonderful hair system. It’s fabulous! I haven’t loved a system in a long time. Thank you for making me feel pretty.

Women that suffer from hair loss are in a uniquely difficult situation. Especially since the pandemic I have often felt powerless about my hair.

Thank you for restoring my confidence. This system is perfect.

With deepest gratitude, C

July 9th 2023 C.D.

Just fyi, the last 4 units I have received have been far better quality than ever before. Good job.

May 26th 2023 J.S.

Thanks for the consistency and quality of the product.    The recent changes you recommended were spot on,  and I am now patiently waiting for the re-ordered product.

May 14th 2023 R.T.

…No complaints from me about the custom full caps your factory in China is currently producing. The first one I kept using continuously night and day for 18 weeks, the second one I cut in and styled a couple of weeks ago and it looks and feels great.

May 14th 2023 T.B.

Hi Jeffrey, Feedback: my last order is the BEST CoolPiece I’ve ever had … and I have had many over  the years!  My question is … do you keep all of the customer’s info and template?  Or are they discarded after a period of time?  The reason I am asking is that the next time I order I would like the same thing (the same design). Thanks, 

January 16th 2023 B.C.

First, the long-delayed feedback (sorry) in response to the message I found when searching for your email in order to reorder. I know you wanted it to be brief but I only managed to keep it as short as the 5 long sentences that follow: I’m still your customer as I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve purchased from CoolPiece, both custom and stock, and I am so happy to deal with a competent, honest, thoughtful, friendly business owner! 😉 When, during the pandemic, I blanketed other retailers with orders to stock up, some of them failed to deliver or did so with poor service. Also, while there are many businesses that try to persuade people that consumer hairpieces are always easy, perfect, and handwoven alongside the hair of William Shatner, I especially appreciate the honest, practical information and choices enabled by your website. ( In case it is helpful, I wanted to also mention that when I was looking up the mail to respond to, I noticed that in recent monthly mails from CoolPiece, the email address has a typo. ) As for what I most want to order in the future, being very busy, risk averse, and prone to last minute travel, I’ve been especially happy with stock pieces you’ve offered in Ash 7, along with having plenty of Keracolor Mocha color conditioner in my cupboard to keep it ashy and dark each time I wash it.

December 16th 2022 I.B.

I received the system two days ago. Looks great. ….which is good for me. If I get this every time, I’ll be very happy. I will … definitely order a new one. I’m very grateful

November 26th 2022 G.C.

I just received my order and it is as great as I remember.   Can I place another order?

November 9th 2022 J.H.

Quality has been looking super.

November 8th 2022 R.T.

Hi Jeffrey. Just wanted to express my delight with the new custom all lace full cap I received from you. Only took 7 weeks to reach me, and it’s by far one of the best yet. It fits perfectly, for the first time ever I didn’t need to reshape the base around the ears or temples. And this was created from measurements I supplied, not a template. I cut it in, no thinning needed as density was spot on, attached it to my head and did some final fine tuning and it feels and looks great.

Can’t comment on its durability yet, but time will tell. If it goes the distance I will be stocking up with more of these fabulous full caps next year, just in case…….another pandemic? war with China? who knows what else could disrupt the supply of wigs in future.

Anyway, thanks again Jeffrey for coming to the rescue with full cap wigs which, without any stock options, were virtually impossible to find during the pandemic.

September 20th 2022 D.C

I really appreciate your honesty and transparency. Thanks

September 15th 2022 R.R.

Hi Jeffrey, had a cut in, nice piece of work I must say! Are you able to supply me with 5 similar units?

September 9th 2022 F.T.

I have just had the first of my two new custom systems fitted. I am very happy with the result. The hair quality is pretty good, the density, which I requested as light density is very good and the color and template size is excellent, the knotting too, is very good. I certainly do not want any lesser quality hair systems. I will look to take advantage of the September reduced price offer towards the end of the month, but please let the factory know I am very pleased with the product.

September 2nd 2022 D.B.

Hi Jeffrey, I’m still here. teeth_smile Your service and products have always been great for me! When the pandemic hit, I started working alone from home. So I don’t always wear a hairpiece unless I have meetings that day. When I leave the house, I often just wear a cap. As a result of wearing pieces less, they are lasting much longer than before. I too have considered just shaving and not wearing, but I’m not there yet. So, even though I don’t need a new piece yet, I’m thinking I’ll get another one while your having your “sale” this month. I recommend you to anybody who asks me for advice. You’re the best!

September 2nd 2022 A.L.

Hi Jeffrey…I have to say that the 1st system that I bought after the pandemic is by far the best that I’ve received. There has been very very minimal shedding. I only got the second one cut in recently and haven’t worn/washed it yet so I don’t know if it will be the same as the first but I sure hope so! Thanx.

September 1st 2022 P.F.

Your hair pieces are wonderful… And when I originally discovered you were around 10 years ago… Your $200 price tag was a lot less than the $800 I was spending at a hair club in New York City….I wear at least two (brand newpieces per week. Yes I know that sounds like a lot… But for me it works…..I think your hair is wonderful… And I’m glad it’s ethically harvested… But unfortunately I just cannot afford the prices at this point.

September 1st 2022 H.V.

I’ve been buying exclusively from you since 2008 …… I tried some other service once because they were priced at half yours and it went directly to trash 🙂

September 1st 2022 D.T.

I’m happy to hear that you are making custom pieces again! Does that include longer lengths? Such as 10 or 12? [reply: “we have up to 16 inches”]

September 1st 2022 J.S.

As long as I am wearing and as long as you are operating, I will keep doing business with you.

September 1st 2022 A.J.

I haven been wearing lately due to a number o issues. But i wil certainly purchase form your site if I decide again

August 31st 2022 K.D.

…….As far as I’m concerned you came back stronger which clearly demonstrated in the quality in the customer service and product on my order earlier this year. ….

August 31st 2022 M.L.

Hi, Jeffrey – I bought from you years ago, and don’t wear hair regularly at all anymore. But I wish you well, and if I ever have a need for something in the future, I will certainly turn to you!

August 31st 2022 R.M.

I’m in the camp of those who decided to go bald-headed. I’ve not had to go back to an office setting in 2.5 years, so that has helped. But, all I have is memories of your excellent products and amazing customer-service. So, thank you and all the best for the business.

August 31st 2022 M.B.

JB – I had a couple CP units stockpiled that thankfully allowed me to weather the storm; (I’m certainly not going anywhere!) I’ll in fact be putting together a new order over the next couple of weeks. Thx as always for all of your continued support. Regards,…….

August 31st 2022 M.H.

Hi Jeffrey, Glad you are still here to help us with our hair situation(s).

August 31st 2022 S.S.

Hi Jeffrey. I’m so happy to still be a loyal regular with CoolPiece, and I expect to continue to be for as long as you’re in business (and I’d be devastated if you weren’t). I believe my sister, ……….(who also had alopecia areata), was also a CoolPiece customer. She passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly earlier this year. I hope you’re well.

August 21st 2022 K.M.

Thanks, your pieces work greatly for me!

On August 31st 2022 we put out a survey so that is why many of the above comments share a date.

August 20th 2022 I.B.

Hi Jeffrey,……. I put on the new system that I received from you a couple of months ago. It looks great! The best I have received for a long time. The quality is excellent, also the bleaching and the hair. ……also said that it’s really really good. I definitely want to order a new one. ……Best regards,

August 17th 2022 G.A.

Hi Jeffrey, I received today Knotless Polyskin Membrane, code#56P4-1820. l found it to my liking. Best regards….

July 29th 2022 R.A.

Wanted to give you an update on the new unit. You know… the one that I was so alarmed about just a few weeks ago. In fact you wrote to me in one of your emails that sometimes new units can be alarming and this was certainly one of those times.

I finally got it cut and am wearing it and as it turns out, all of the issues I was concerned about have vanished. They simply don’t exist. The gray percentages, the hair direction and even the density have become a non-issue. I think I was initially alarmed because of how it was packaged for shipment which really took my by surprise with all the hair laying back flat but it’s perhaps one of top best units I’ve ever had. It just needed a little coaxing and styling. And although it is a bit on the lighter side of light it’s incredibly realistic. Truth is I’ve had units this light before. And the gray is expertly placed and so very natural looking. With all that being said the compliments I’m receiving are a testament to the quality.

Anyway… just wanted you to know. It’s great!

July 26th 2022 H.O.

I got my piece installed late last week, and I’m really pleased with the outcome! I was wondering, Is it possible to order multiple pieces at once?

July 23rd 2022 D.P.

Hello I ordered a second unit.The first unit was so nice,incredible! I never knew just how bad my old hair was.You have a customer for life now.

July 14th 2022 C.D.

I received my system yesterday and wanted you to know the hair is exquisite.

May 3rd 2022 R.A.

I have to say it was the absolute best match I’ve ever had… amazing! … I really do appreciate your help and am so grateful that CoolPiece is still an option. Don’t know what I’d do without you.

April 15th 2022 C.E.

Damn, Jeffrey – you are fantastic with your business practices.Thanks…..

April 15th 2022 R.E.

The new unit is very, very nice. And the process was quick. Thank you. I’d like to order another…

March 9th 2022 C.W.

Just to let you know my new piece has arrived today and I absolutely love it after 2 years of buying absolute crap from cowboy companies! Thanks Again for everything!

March 1st 2022 H.K

…….very very happy with it, it is probably the best I’ve ever had (and been wearing for 20 years soon). Color is excellent.

February 23rd 2022 H.K.

I just received it, that was very very quick :-). It seems to be really excellent and I look forward to trying it. I will put it on this weekend and get back with more orders there after…….

February 5th 2022 D.H.

… two I just received are perfect, so I would like order 1 more of the same for now.

February 1st 2022 K.B.

I received my unit today. Looks good. I am amazed at the turn around time given what other companies are doing. GREAT JOB!! Thanks Again!

January 26th 2022 D.A.

Hi. My stylist says that the hair in the two Air Lace units that you just sent me is the softest, most wonderful hair that she’s ever seen in her entire career. She’s curious as to how you get such incredible hair.

December 28th 2021 R.A.

..As you probably know my hair arrived a couple of days before Christmas and today I was able to have it cut and styled. It’s been an insanely long 14 month wait but is was well worth it. I know that skilled artisans were working on the custom units and whoever worked on mine did an outstanding job. It is truly exceptional craftsmanship down to every detail. Beautifully done… don’t know what more I can say…Thank you for still being there and providing such great service for those of us in need.

October 9th 2021 L.M.

I miss your hair so much. It was the only thing I ever really liked. If you ever start making long hair orders at a reasonable profit again, please email me if you can. Thanks so much.

September 15th 2021 B.B.

That stock unit worked real well. So i ordered another one Thanks

July 15th 2021 D.C.

You have been so extra great through this pandemic. Thank you. But you have always been great to deal with.

July 7th 2021 D.R.

I am now trying the membrane for 2 weeks. I am amazed at the front edge compared with the lace front that I have always worn. This is the most natural front appearance I have ever had. I love the way it adheres to the skin and follows the contour of the head so closely. If I can stand the trapped heat generated under the membrane I may go with this in the future.

June 24th 2021 D.S.

So, I have had a chance to wear the new units, and they are off the charts good. I always thought something like this existed, and I even asked you a few times if something better than lace existed, and you always said fine Swiss lace was the best. I have included two pictures of these new ones below.

I’ll put it to you this way: fine Swiss lace is a 1987 Hyundai Pony, whatever I just got is a 2021 Ferrari, they just simply aren’t in the same league. I have mixed feeling about this. Yes I love them, but I wonder what direction my life would have went down had I worn these over the years. My confidence is back now and people aren’t staring at the road kill on my head anymore.

It’s all about the roots. With lace the roots show, with these they don’t, plain and simple!

And with my super fine density it was a daily juggling act to comb the hair perfectly to cover the roots (in the front and the part) which compromised/ reduced my overall look, and was a disaster if the wind blew.

With these new ones, the colour is perfect. ……. I sat on a patio yesterday with the wind in my face talking to people with full confidence, and they weren’t looking at my hair, I never would have been able to do this before, I would have with put a hat on or made every attempt to have the wind at my back, or skipped the event all-together.

The hairline is 100% invisible. I have put a spotlight up to it and I can’t detect anything except hairs seemingly growing from my head, and unbelievably there is absolutely no ridge at the front, they are literally a dream come true, undetectable….perfection!

May 24th 2021 J.H.

hello i wanted to say the last two systems even though one is stock are like a perfect hair color match and are lasting well…i think I am switching to you for all my custom pieces once we can have custom pieces again…plus you respond to emails the other place take days or weeks to respond thanks j…..

April 20th 2021 J.O.

Favorite piece of all time great durability, color didn’t fade much at all. (membrane)

April 9th 2021 K.B.

Thank you Jeffrey, you said the 1B 65% gray could work and it did. I had a cut in tonight and the hair looks great, color works out perfectly and the hair is very soft, no need to use thinning shears. Great job

February 16th 2021 B.C.

(#56P4 0.03 to 0.04 mm Knotless Polyskin Membrane) Hope you’re doing well. I wanted to give you an update. I got my unit cut in today. I have to say I’m super impressed. I had a .03 skin piece from (xxxxx) before this, but it was a little too thin and fragile. This one is just thin enough to disappear without being too weak. I’m really impressed with the hairline and the density. I’m amazed that this isn’t a custom order and it’s better than some of past recent custom pieces. Excellent product. Thanks again for the quick turnaround. Here’s a couple of photos for you. Please don’t post these, as I am still an anonymous wearer.

December 27th 2020 R.M.

I want to take a moment and thank you for your amazing service last 13 years or so!

December 8th 2020 R.H.

Just a quick message to say thank you – the second piece from the order has arrived today. I don’t know how you’ve managed to get this completed because of all the current problems but I am very grateful to you and everyone involved in finishing the order. Best regards..

December 6th 2020 L.G.

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with quality of the hair pieces.

November 25th 2020 R.A.

I know it’s been a tough year but I really don’t know what I’d do without CoolPiece… so you are very much appreciated. Thanks as always.

November 21st 2020 E.M.

Thank you, you have a customer for life.

November 14th 2020 J.S.

Received faster than expected. I haven’t yet cut in the unit and tried it on, but looks good upon initial inspection. Thanks for your best efforts during this challenging time.

October 19th 2020 B.C.

I just received my order today and it is exquisite! Not to brag but the colors, wave, measurements, injected polyskin, crown-whorly, etc., are a perfect configuration—though you really should be the one bragging as it was your and your factory’s capable handiwork. As for the synthetic, I’ll never have to resort to temporary pigmentation with this—to have to pretend to be badly “blending the gray away” with color conditioner is one embarrassment I love to skip. Anyway, kudos to you and the factory (whichever one that would do a full injected knotless polyskin wig in a custom synthetic blend…) for doing such an excellent job on this! Thanks so much again for all of this, especially amidst such adversity. I look forward to putting in my reorder in the next few days! Best wishes,

October 16th 2020 D.S.

….some feedback on the Paragon (stock) unit (monofilament) that I just got…it is surprisingly very good! I like it a lot. …… The hairline is … quite good. It would make for a great substitute for someone if they urgently need one. I would recommend it and I would definitely order this again. So, thanks for your help in assisting me to pick this one!!

September 22nd 2020 D.S.

Yeah, I got your email today saying orders will take up to 6 months. Please make these orders exactly like the last ones, they’re great!

August 21st 2020 J.S.

The current NG unit I am wearing looks amazing. I don’t want to do business with anyone besides you.

August 3rd 2020 D.G.

Hi, got the order, stunning and very beautiful hair, perfectly made, can’t thank you enough for taking the order. Get it cut in tomorrow, will order again soon.

August 2nd 2020 G.C.

I was away on a trip in Colorado and just got to cut in the new unit today. I didn’t notice any problem with density at all – it was a big change for me to go this low and I really like it! Thanks for everything, Jeffrey!

June 22nd 2020 S.H.

ordering another 2 shortly – fyi Just cut in a newer unit and another fantastic job ! Thanks!

June 12th 2020 J.R.

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all your hard work, quick response time and quality units. You’re doing a great job and I wanted to let you know! The owner/stylist of my hair salon that specializes in wigs/units for women is always impressed with your systems. I received my units on Monday and had one cut in this morning, it’s good to have some normalcy back in my life and your business has made that possible.

May 10th 2020 M.L.

I hate this virus to tell you the truth. You’ve been a rock throughout this whole ordeal.

April 21st 2020 R.P.

I hope you, your loved ones and all the Coolpiece team are well? Just to let you know, that I received the hairpiece yesterday and as always I’m very pleased with it! Take care, stay safe and best wishes from Liverpool. R.

April 14th 2020 M.R.

Thanks, JTB. You’re one of the most conscientious business owners I’ve ever met, if not the most.

March 1st 2020 R.Z

I just wanted to stop by and give you some kudos for a transparent approach to the Coronavirus disruptions. Your customers appreciate it. Like many, I am considering purchasing some extra reserves in case things get worse before they get better.

February 26th 2020 D.R.

As one of your earliest customers I would like to commend you and tell you how much I appreciate the china virus updates and also the CDC info that you included to alleviate our concerns about handling the packages from China…….

January 14th 2020 S.H.

New unit was nice! Thanks.

December 17th 2019 J.B.

I received it today thank you it’s perfect!!!!!!

December 9th 2019 A.G

Thanks for looking out for me, you are the greatest!! That’s why I will be a permanent customer.

December 7th 2019 P.B.

It’s perfect Jeffrey. Thanks!

November 22nd 2019 W.V.

I’ve received my new system and am very pleased with it. The color and quality are excellent. My stylist is new to hair systems so we’re both learning.

November 12th 2019 D.K.

Some good feedback you might like to hear. I’ve been working with a new stylist over the past year. The majority of her business is regular salon clients, weddings, etc… but her work with systems is fabulous and my hair’s never looked better. She’s been impressed with the pieces I’ve shown her and I know she’s been endorsing CP for clients who expressed an interest in getting hair. Not sure if any of them have pulled the trigger yet, but I’ve passed on the info and it’s a good review.

November 1st 2019 J.S.

I hope this note finds you in great health and personal happiness. I continue to do business with cool piece because of your outstanding attention to detail. You are the best in the industry in my humble opinion.

October 25th 2019 D.L.

I’ m very satisfied with your hairpiece, and your very professional service.

October 17th 2019 A.W.

I think you have the best customer service around. You give it your personal attention. That’s rare.

October 17th 2019 R.R.

Quality is top notch.

Will re-order in short notice.

October 9th 2019 C.G.

Thank you Jeffrey for offering outstanding hair units and quality customer service. I know I can always count on you. And I hope you’ll be around for many more years.

September 27th 2019 T.H.

I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know just how awesome that I think that you are! This latest system is the very best one that I have ever had and the adjustments that we made were spot on and perfect! I just wanted to give you some feedback. Thanks again!!!!!

September 20th 2019 P.D.

Hi Jeffrey. Just put on my new unit and pleased to tell you that it’s PERFECT. Best one I have ever received. The density, color and fit are all great……..

September 10th 2019 R.A.

Hi Jeffrey, I don’t even know what to say about the CoolPiece I received a couple of weeks ago. I finally cut and styled it today and am wearing it for the first time. It is absolute perfection! The fit is great and the base color with the percentages of gray are amazing. Thank you as always for your assistance. Don’t know what I’d do without you and CoolPiece. My best to you,

July 11th 2019 R.E.

Thank you, Jeffrey! This latest unit is really beautiful.

June 8th 2019 D.R.

My new unit is perfect, great hair.

May 31st 2019 N.G.

Hi Jeffrey, just want to say thanks. I’ve just received my usual ready-made, cut it down and attached it and it is SO NICE. I feel like a million bucks! You’re the best!

May 21st 2019 B.F.

Hi Jeffrey,

I’ve been a loyal customer for about 20 years and your

service has been great!

May 17th 2019 B.Z.

You blew my mind with this custom

May 8th 2019 H.J.

….just wanted to confirm/ I love the new system.

April 21st 2019 B.Z.

All the other companies , when you went past the first row or two on the hairline, the knots became visible….on yours, I never saw a knot….that is huge for me.

April 12th 2019 M.T.

I thought I would try another site for the heck of it and it was a mistake. You guys are dependable I get what I order, I’m sticking with you.

March 20th 2019 J.M.

After over a decade buying hair from you, I can affirm, with a high degree of certitude and confidence, that CoolPiece has the best customer service in the hair industry. Never failed to solve any of my hair problems.

February 8th 2019 B.J.

Thank you so much!! Customer for life here.

November 30th 2018 B.Z.

great piece…thank you

November 30th 2018 D.S.

…….they turned out FANTASTIC! BEST EVER! PERFECT! So, again, just like my last order from a few months ago.

October 30th 2018 H.G.

Thanks Jeffrey. You have always done business with integrity – that is why I have stuck with you all these years 🙂

October 24th 2018 R.A.

I just received the new unit a couple of hours ago and it’s already been cut. I know I’ve said this before and I have truly meant it every time but it just keeps getting better. This is hands down the absolute best CoolPiece I have ever received. Every detailed specification is perfect. It is ridiculously great in every way. Wow!

Thanks as always… best to you,

October 2nd 2018 C.S.

You were absolutely correct. I do prefer Swiss better. Thank you for your expertise and advice. I look forward to making more purchases in the very near future.

September 18th 2018 G.C.

Jeff, just received the 2 (NG) pieces today. they are spot on as usual ! You got a customer for life! Thanks G.C.

August 20th 2018 P.B.

Another very good unit. Your team did a great job and I look forward to
the second one I ordered.

By the way, I don’t order from anyone but Coolpiece. I’ve managed to
maintain these units carefully so that they last several months.

All the best.

August 19th 2018 R.M.

I would also like to take this moment to tell that I am generally very happy with the Coolpiece products. The pieces have been consistent (i.e., not much variation from order to order for the same specifications), and the quality has been excellent, and that is why I have been buying from you for more than 10+ years.

July 31st 2018 D.K.

I got it cut right away and have been working with it since then. They did a nice job with this one. The quality of the front venting was especially good.

July 2nd 2018 G.M.

Hi Jeffrey

Just to let you know the stock unit arrived, I got it fitted today and I’m delighted!

Thank you

May 16th 2018 R.A.

Hi Jeffrey,

Today I finally had the new unit cut and ready for it’s debut. Wow… absolutely perfect in every way. Wish I had 10 more just like it. Hope Hawaii is treating you well. So sad about all the devastation on the big island. One can only wish for better days ahead. Thanks as always for your help. Best to you,

April 13th 2018 M.W.

So glad I tried the NG. It’s AWESOME.

April 9th 2018 D.L.

My new hairsystem has arrived… it looks great! …. you soon for another ……new system. Thank you very much. I’m satisfied with CoolPiece@

April 6th 2018 L.M.

You hit it out of the park yet again. I could not be happier with my new hair. It’s so soft, the color is gorgeous… I just cannot say enough.

I flat ironed it last night, and it still looks good. Pics attached.

For whatever reason, this time the hair came precut in layers. No need to go to the salon before wearing it, so that saved me 70 bucks.

I’m beyond happy. I admit that I cheated on you with another provider for a wig that cost about 200$, and it’s so cussing ugly… I learned my lesson and I will never stray again.

I am so grateful for you and your company. Thank you SO MUCH.

April 3rd 2018 A.A.

So, I love the stock piece, the hair color is perfect, the hairline is perfect and the knots are perfect!

March 29th 2018 S.H.

Ok this new unit is awesome. I went over the back before I cut in and found it to be perfecto. 2 thumbs up!

March 14th 2018 L.M.

I’ve received the new hair last night, and of course it’s marvelous. It has the density that I expect, and the color is just gorgeous. I love it. I’ll be getting it cut next weekend, and when I do I’ll have the stylist take some pics.

I’m going to take you up on the offer to refurb my older unit, because it’s still in salvageable condition and it would be a shame to toss it so early.

February 5th 2018 R.P.

Just to let you know that I’ve received the hairpiece and as usual, very happy with the quality that makes CoolPiece the best!…..Your loyal customer…..

January 18th 2018 R.R.

spot on! Top.

Will re-order in short notice.

December 12th 2017 M.K.

Thanks so much for making me look “like a million”. My attractive meter has gone from a D to a B! It like, just skipped C! Lol

December 11th 2017 Y.K.

By the way, I was referred to you by my good friend (MK) who looks like a million bucks right now, and which spoke highly about you and your commitment to your products for the longest time. He really took the time to educate me about every aspect of choosing the right hair piece. So, thank you and looking forward to it.

October 29th 2017 R.A.

I received my new unit over three weeks ago but finally got it cut and styled today. All I can say is WOW!!! It is absolutely perfect from color to density and on and on. Not to mention it fits like a glove. Easily one of the best ever if not the best period. Thanks as always for your help. Hope Hawaii is treating you well. Best to you…

October 29th 2017 Y.S.

How is it going boss? Hope things are going well at your end. Your systems are awesome. I get so much longevity out of your systems. Yes, i take really good care of them but the credit goes to how they are built. Keep it up sir.

October 28th 2017 K.C.

Thank you so much for the rapid, friendly, detailed service…this is part of the reason why I’ve referred so many people to you. 🙂 And yes…’s been a while. The second to last hair lasted longer than any other one I’ve had. I’ve only been wearing the most recent one for the last couple months. I’d like to have 2 new cut in pieces available in case of emergencies though. My cut in lady is retiring soon.

October 28th 2017 J.S.

Thanks for another successful order. I took a quick look at it and the specs were all followed as I had hoped.

September 26th 2017 S.H.

I broke the unit out of the bag last night and have to comment on the beautiful work done. The … left … right … in perfect symmetry. Great work by the factory/coolpiece.

July 10th 2017 P.B.

Hi Jeffrey. This unit is perfect. Very satisfied. I’d like to repeat this order but instead of freestyle I would like back.

July 7th 2017 D.S.

Hey Jeff, This last unit has to be the best one ever! Color is perfect, blends in really well! You are right though, people don’t really notice as much as you would think. Asked my brother and his wife, who know I wear a hair piece, if they noticed my new hair. They hadn’t. Actually, no one has mentioned but then most people probably wouldn’t.

I just hope they can make the next one just like this one. Plan to order soon.


June 2nd 2017 J.R.

My hair arrived a few days ago and it is soooo nice. Very happy with the color, quality and just everything.

I thought I would order another – a total duplicate of this last order

May 9th 2017 V.N.

I received both systems today. They might be the most perfect ones I have ever had.

Thank you

March 22nd 2017 S.H.

Unit is amazing!!! A+++. It is like an artpiece.


September 27th 2016 T.B.

Thank you for the great service over the years Jeffrey. Best Wishes, T

September 20th 2016 M.H.

Fantastic, thankyou Jeffrey.

Oh & I will be placing a new order very shortly too, thanks again Jeffrey for the great service you supply!

Kindest regards,

September 12th 2016 R.A.

Well the new unit arrived a couple of weeks ago and it was finally cut today. Wow!!! It’s one of the best ever. As always thanks so much for your help. Hope you continue to enjoy beautiful Hawaii. Best to you,

September 4th 2016 D.S.

Received the (stock) hairpiece.. .it is wonderful…I just straightened with flat iron.. perfect…don’t even need to cut.

August 4th 2016 M.H.

Hi Jeffrey, just to let you know I received the repaired piece & it’s perfect, THANKYOU. I must say that the service I have received from you/coolpiece has been second to none! Out of all the suppliers I have tried over the years you have been by far the best, so again thankyou for the great service you supply & please don’t stop.

June 24th 2016 D.R.

Greetings and Aloha! The system looks awesome!…Mahalo!

June 3rd 2016 S.K

I wanted to be able to write a comment to say that the last hair system I got was my FAVORITE of all time, (from any company in the past 15 years. It was long enough, silky, but with body, and MEDIUM density is perfect for me. That’s why I want two more! You are doing such a service to women. There’s nothing like feeling your hair looks natural and great.

June 1st 2016 P.B.

Job well done Jeffrey

May 6th 2016 R.A.

Hope the move went smoothly and you are enjoying your wonderful new life in beautiful Hawaii!

Even with the move it seems CoolPiece is running on schedule and my new unit arrived on time without a glitch. Just had it cut yesterday and it looks great… color, size, gray, density… everything is great.

Thanks as always for your help and I hope the move proves to be everything you’re wanting it to be.

Best to you,

May 1st 2016 C.E.

…Just wanted to let you know the HP is fantastic! Perfect color etc


March 30th 2016 D.S.

I received my system last week and it was exactly what i had hoped for. The pompadour ventilation in the front was excellent – thanks for all your help.

December 28th 2015 D.S.

Received “CoolPiece” before Christmas….it is PERFECT. I’m keeping the number for future reference…perhaps a little more gray …:) Happy New Year!!!

December 21st 2015 B.K.

Just got the unit done. It’s perfect. Can u please duplicate it again? Please …. Thanks a lot

November 25th 2015 B.B.

Just got the piece cut in. Looks terrific.

My stylist asked me for your name. He wants to be your representative in ……… or some such thing.

November 23rd 2015 R.A.


I finally cut and wore the new unit yesterday. Absolute perfection! Wow… perhaps the most spot-on I’ve ever had.

Best to you and Happy Thanksgiving!


November 18th 2015 L.M.


I received my new hair. If I had a million dollars, I would buy 1,818 more of them, exactly the same.

Thank you so much. It’s lovely.

September 24th 2015 P.B.

Hi Jeffrey. Job well done. The piece is terrific. Besides the overall look of it, I like the fact there was no band around the border to cut away. Again, thanks for a superb unit.

August 28th 2015 R.A.

I finally got the new unit cut and started wearing it. The color and little bit of gray throughout is a winner. Although subtle it adds a texture and dimension that looks fantastic.
Thanks so much.

July 29th 2015 J.H.

Jeffrey, My stock piece arrived and the color /density etc. was just terrific. I couldn’t be more pleased with the 30R that you suggested along with the mirage base. Thank you, Dr.J-H

July 17th 2015 G.C.

Jeff! The one i got is perfect! No one can come close to your service and quality! CoolPiece is the best and i only buy from you! thanks again.

June 24th 2015 L.M.

I just wanted to let you know I put on my new hair earlier today for the first time… holy fucking shit. It look AMAZING. The hair itself is super silky and smooth, but not fake-shiny, and it flows like a dream. The color is splendid. The edge is nonexistent when it’s touched from the outside, as opposed to the piece I had before, which had a discernible bump at the edge. Also, it doesn’t itch at all. It’s incredibly light and airy. It’s unbelievable.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I have a hair appointment on Thursday to get it cut and styled (right now it’s all one length so it looks a little hippy). I’ll send you a picture once it’s styled.

I’ll definitely be ordering from you again, with some slight changes. …… Overall, it’s amazing and absolutely gorgeous. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you understand how impactful the work you are doing is on people like me. You are a life-saver (possibly literally).

I hope you have a great rest of the week, and that you are aware of how significantly you are bettering peoples’ lives.

Thank you again.

May 29th 2015 R.A.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new unit I recently received. I finally had it cut and styled and it’s easily one of the best units I’ve had. There’s really not much else to say except I wish I had more of the same. Just about all the specs are spot on given the fact that they all vary slightly from order to order.

May 15th 2015 J.C.

I have been looking for an alternative to (name hidden). I did like the quality of the hair and the way the piece felt on my head. It was much better than (name hidden).

April 23rd 2015 D.S.

Yes the same specs would be great my last few orders have just been perfect!!

April 9th 2015 M.H.

Hi Jeffrey, just to let you know that I received my system on Tuesday so was early than expected which was a real nice surprise, also no …… charges!!! This was one of my biggest worries as with ….. I was having to pay an nearly $60 on top of what I had paid for the system. Best of all is your system is much better quality by far, very natural looking, the hair & colour match & also the size is spot on, I am very happy! Thank you! I will be ordering another very shortly as I like to always have two at hand. Thank you again for a great service, I will certainly be recommending CoolPiece!

March 30th 2015 E.B.

The hair quality is great and the color is a perfect match. All that is needed is more density in the front and a slight curl …. and it will be perfection.

March 30th 2015 J.C.

I have to say that the quality of your pieces is much better than I have had before. I am used to losing hair- although I am very careful with my systems.

March 26th 2015 M.D.

Hi Jeffrey, I am back. I have been unable to find anything that matches what I can get from you quality and price wise. It seems that you have the best hair, the best prices, and the best haircuts as well.

March 5th 2015 J.E.

Just received my unit its cut perfectly. I will place another order in a couple weeks of the same thing. Thanks for all your help.

February 22nd 2015 R.R.

Just to let you know, I had my new unit cut in last week. My two concerns were a good fit and a non-grad hairline. Both were really good. Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

February 13th 2015 R.E.

I received the new unit today, along with the tape. The unit is very nice. I appreciate the prompt and reliable service as well as the quality of the product.

March 14th 2015 B.M

This post refers to comments sent to another seller by a customer who is now happy at CoolPiece:

(name deleted) has been unable to duplicate their own systems that I have been buying from them for over 10 years. What makes them think they can do it with others. Each time a system came back from them it was totally different than previous ones. The color was wrong, the length was wrong, the wave was wrong, etc. the only thing that was correct was the size of the base and that was even questionable at times. Inconsistency has been the name if the game. I finally gave up and then found another company who was able to actually duplicate one of (name deleted)’s units from one of my old ones. They even included improvements in the base and from hairline so it actually looks like a real gradual hairline. AND they did it at half the cost. When I complained to (name deleted) back in November. Their only solution to make it right was to sell me another unit at half price. Why would I want to buy still another unit that is made incorrectly even at half price. As a long time customer I have seen Quality diminish tremendously. WHAT A SHAME! I’m sure we’ll see this comment deleted by (name deleted). So be it.

December 13th 2014 S.

Thank you very much for my last order. The quality is amazing, I think it is one of the best units I’ve ever received, very happy with it. Delivery was also perfect. Kudos to you and to the factory. Keep up the great work.

Many thanks and happy holidays.

December 10th 2014 C.K.

Also….I referred my stylist to your website….she knows that I get great quality hair and I told her about your awesome one on one customer service. (which I appreciate). She is going to check you out and possibly refer her other clients to you.

November 28th 2014 R.R.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope that you and yours had a great holiday. The last unit that you sent me is….Perfect!! Best ever. It fits like a glove and the density is exactly as I want it. The part area is spot on!

November 26th 2014 P.R

Thanks Jeffrey, The unit is perfect.

I really appreciate your sterling customer service.

September 29th 2014 B.M.

I got it today. Color and gray was right on. Thanks.

September 28th 2014 J.M.

Jeff – feedback – last order was 110% to order. I loved it. Thanks to you and your crew for the excellent job.

August 16th 2014 Y.S.

I hope all is well at your end. Thank you so much. I really liked the piece with straight hair (5cm Indian natural straight). The density on my last order was just perfect. I am wearing it right now and i feel much more confident.

August 6th 2014 B.K.

(from a returning CoolPiece client) I got informed of (name deleted) from my brother. I was hesitant but decided to see what they have. Let’s just say it was the biggest mistake and the quality is horrible. I don’t like what kind of hair they use, but I never seen anything this bad. I probably use it for halloween.

March 3rd 2014 M.G.

My previous system had lasted 9 months. Even then it wasn’t totally unfit to wear. I could’ve colored it and worn for another couple of months, but decided to replace.

October 13th 2013 R.E.

Once again, I am very impressed with the prompt shipping and high quality. The hair is beautiful, with the color right, and lovely wave and fineness. I am very happy to receive such nice looking units, within such a short window after ordering.

The first unit I ordered held up very well. Thank you for what you do!

September 20th 2013 J.E.

Thank you. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. Customer service and consistency is a strength for your firm. I confirm this after many years ordering from you.

March 26th 2013 J.H.

Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I got that new one and had it cut in today and it’s fantastic! Really great- one of the best ever. I’m just waiting to get paid, but I want to order at least one more exactly like this one ASAP… hopefully, by the end of the week. Thanks so much. Nicely done sir.

April 3rd 2013 G.C.

jeff, just had the new piece cut in and it’s awesome! the hair is spot on in density, gray percent, and straight (chineese). the guy who cut’s me in (also a hair wearer),is thinking of buying his own personal piece’s from you. thanks again . your quality is number 1!

June 9th 2012 B.D.

Hello, Jeffrey!

In checking my order status I took the opportunity to read the two articles; “2011 a bad year for hair wearers” and “2012: Prices-ethics-politics”.

Your ethics along with your steadfast business practices really make CoolPiece the coolest place to do business.

I have witnessed, through the forum posts of others, the disappointments many have gone through dealing with other vendors.

I am glad I have stuck with CoolPiece, and will continue to do so as long as I wear!

Thanks again!

April 4th 2012 W.B.

Folks, if you are new to lace hair replacement, please read my review here and trust me that CoolPiece is your best choice.

The customer service is friendly and professional, making the ordering process pleasant.

And, then you receive your hair in the mail, already cut and styled, if you choose that option.

I have been a happy CoolPiece customer since January, 2009.

Whether I have ordered a custom hairpiece, or a stock hairpiece to tide me over until a custom was completed… the quality of the hair has always been consistent.

The hairline is always frighteningly realistic, the knots bleached just perfectly… and, the transition from a staggered, transparent front edge to the true thickness of my chosen density is a work of art.

The color of the hairpiece always matches my own, based on my color sample that the factory uses.

The texture and health of the hair is dependably beautiful.

A new service, Billy the Barber, was added to CoolPiece this year.

The latest hairpiece that I received in the mail this morning was my first to be cut by Billy the Barber, and the results are excellent! For me? The results are also life-changing!

My schedule is pretty hectic, chaotic, and unpredictable.

Scheduling the time to attach an uncut hairpiece and go to an appointment at my salon was always a bit stressful.

Now? I can simply throw my hair on, leave the house, and if the urge hits me to go get my growing hair trimmed without an appointment, I can do that now!

Billy the Barber cut my hairpiece based on pics that I sent of a pompadour… the results are exact!

CoolPiece has a customer for life, in me.

June 29th 2011 J.M.

I would like to report that my last unit was made to the exact specification. I decided to wear it for a few weeks and wait until it was settled to provide feedback. I am ordering another unit now. Thanks for an excellent job and for working with me through many discussions to get it right. Regards,

April 26th 2011 G.S.

Everything is absolutely PERFECT! Thank you for all your expert help. Will order more units very soon. Sincerely,

April 4th 2011 J.S.

You hit a home run on the last order, in terms of matching my new color sample and adding 10% gray, along with the just under light density. I want to thank and compliment you for this. Its not easy to please a discriminating customer and you are doing a great job.

September 7th 2010 W.B.

My custom arrived, and all I can say is, “Wow!”

I have had a certain image in my mind, for the hairline, and this is it.

I will NOT be changing my specs from this point on.

Just wanted to let you know, the work from your company is appreciated and it is perfect!

July 10th 2012 G.M.

I think you are one of the few, totally honest sellers out there. You always seem to go that extra mile to help your clients. I want you to know how much I respect and appreciate you! Thanks again!

June 1st 2012 J.

I am one of many suckers who lost money when one of your competitors ** closed shop and ran-off with our money. Your emergency stock-piece is of a higher quality than anything I ever ordered from that **** and ******** man. I look forward to my first custom CoolPieces arriving soon.

February 8th 2013 B.V.

I know I asked a million questions, not just here but at some competing sites also. The other sites seem so sales driven and the answers seemed so uninformed and so full of childish spelling and grammar mistakes. I paid about $20 more to choose CoolPiece but I will stay here until my hair grows back, which it won’t. You may be the only straight-up trustworthy hair site on the web.

June 29th 2011, J.M.

I would like to report that my unit was made to the exact specification. I decided to wear it for a few weeks and wait until it was settled to provide feedback. I am ordering another unit now. Thanks for an excellent job and for working with me through many discussions to get it right. Regards,

May 4th 2011 G.C.

Another big ( thank you). Just got the new piece and it was done and delivered right on time and exactly to my template on file with you and the other spec’s i asked for. and thank you very much for taking the time to email me when you told me the density i chose was not correct for me, you were right on the money! it’s obvious that you deal with one of the (top notch) hair piece maker’s,the quality in the ventilation, knot bleaching and over all placement when it is ventilated is outstanding! i will be ordering 2 more this year, might try a super thin skin one just to see if i can do it in the (cold) new england winter’s.
Again, thank you jeff , you have a customer who will be back.