Density is not exact. It will vary a bit up or down from unit to unit.

Comment / serious advice: Usually when a hairpiece appears unnatural it is because the bald wearer has too much density for the age of his face. It is tempting to want more hair when you have suffered hair-loss, but lighter is always more realistic and has lower potential for embarrassment.

XLExtra-LightSenior density. Shows scalp. Will expose tapes if lace.
MATUREXL-LExtra-Light to LightLess transparency than XL.
NORMALLLightRealistic good full coverage. Perfect for most men with hair loss.
YOUTH/WOMANL-LMLight to Medium-LightScalp fully hidden. Full dense coverage in all situations. Top seller.
LMMedium-LightToo heavy for most men. Natural look for women and children.
LM-M*Medium-Light to MediumFar too heavy on most men. Okay for women and children.

Requests for density higher than medium may not be accepted by the factory. *LM-M and M density carry a surcharge due to the high cost of hair and all the extra weight of hair needed.

  • We no longer offer different density in different head zones. (Custom ordering)
  • Density can vary a bit up or down. Hand-made human-made, hairpieces and wigs always vary a little.
  • We can advise on density based on a clear photo of you or a model. (Custom ordering)
  • The thin knotless polyskin membranes have a maximum density of medium-light. (Custom ordering)
About density and base materials:
  • SFS or Super Fine Swiss lace is currently unavailable except in stock units.
  • Swiss lace is best for density up to LM (medium-light) and no higher.
  • French lace is better for density higher than LM (medium-light).
  • NG Membrane is best for density up to LM (medium-light). It is formed from liquid for every hairpiece and it is made thinner when the density is lower. NG can be much thicker when it is supporting medium-light density than when it only has to support extra-light density.